Hands On, Inc. Massage Therapies
Elizabeth Hoffman, Owner
3400 S. 103rd Street, Suite 300
Greenfield, WI 53227

About Hands On, Inc. Massage Therapies

Hands On, Inc. has been owned and operated by Elizabeth Hoffman since 1996.

As a competitive athlete, Elizabeth Hoffman not only completed the Wisconsin Ironman competition in 2008, but also competed in many marathons, including placing in the top 50 in the 1998 Boston Marathon. Elizabeth understands the mentality and struggles of health-minded individuals, runners, and competitive athletes alike.

Elizabeth graduated from Lakeside School of Natural Therapeutics over 15 years ago. With the same great passion for helping people that led her to study massage therapy, Elizabeth continues to focus on the needs of each patient and strives to provide the best patient care available.

Elizabeth has spent 8 years practicing Active Release Technique (ART), and is one of only five full-body certified providers in the Greater Milwaukee area. Elizabeth also specializes in deep tissue, Thai, and sports massage.

Massage is not only great for helping to better handle stress, but also helps to reduce pain, clear lymphatics and toxins from the body, and improve biomechanics through loosening over-tight muscles.