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Elizabeth Hoffman, Owner
2363 S. 102nd Street, Suite 204
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Live Revitalized with Hands On Massage!

Could massage help you live revitalized? Regardless of your age, occupation, or activity level, the answer is YES!

  • If you've thought about massage, but aren't sure if it's necessary for you, ask yourself the following questions. Are you:
    • An avid athlete with joint or muscle pain?
    • A stay-at-home mom sore from chasing after your kids?
    • A professional who works long hours sitting, typing, or lifting?
    • A patient recovering from surgery, illness, or injury?
    • Someone who wants to improve your quality of life by reducing stress or pain?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above, Hands On, Inc. can certainly help you live revitalized! Hands On provides relief and relaxation through the use of massage therapy and a revolutionary therapy called Active Release Techniques® (ART).

Hands On Inc. can help you function pain-free, stress-reduced, and completely revitalized in all aspects of your life.

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"The soft tissue treatment program ART works and Elizabeth Hoffman is the person I turn to when I or my patients have unresolvable sport injuries like IT band syndrome, hamstring pulls, tennis elbow, etc."
Matt Amman, Chiropractor